Chip Debit Cards

Chip Debit Cards are here!

Be on the lookout for our chip debit cards. As member’s existing debit cards expire, the new chip debit cards are being sent in their place. The chip on your debit card provides greater protection when making purchases.

Increased Security with Chip Debit Cards

The new chip debit cards have a small metallic microchip that allows your card to “talk” more securely to the point-of-sale terminals at the stores you shop at. These new debit cards are also known as EMV chip cards and they help to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Behind the scenes, this new technology creates a unique one-time-use code for each transaction. This makes the cards more difficult to counterfeit and makes them useless for onsite retail purchases if someone steals your card without knowing your PIN. It also prevents hackers from getting your account number in the event of a store’s data breach.

How to use the New Chip Debit Cards: Insert instead of Swipe

For years, we’ve been used to swiping our debit and credit cards. Not anymore. Most retailers have chip enabled systems, so you’ll need to insert the card into the point-of-sale machine. You will still need to enter your PIN number, if you are using the card as a debit. If you choose to use it as a credit card, you’ll need to sign. Keep the card inserted until you’ve been instructed to remove it.

Activate As Usual

When you receive your new debit card in the mail, please follow the instructions to activate it as you normally would.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!