Youth Savings

Let Felix the Fox Help You Build Up Your Savings!

No matter your age, you can become a master builder…builder of savings, that is! Monmouth FCU has some smart and simple tips to help take your savings from a pile to a mountain, and transform you from a beginner to a master. Now get set and learn to BUILD your savings!

BUDGET your money by making a plan for saving and spending. Start with a wish list where you write down the things you really want to save for, either now or in the future, and how much they cost. Do your best not to spend too much on other things that are less important.

UNDERSTAND your spending habits by keeping a daily record of how much money you spent, what you spent it on, and how much you saved.

INVEST some of your money in your Monmouth FCU Share Account. Your money will be safe here, and will actually grow by earning interest.

LIMIT yourself to one splurge per week. It’s important to reward yourself for earning money and being a responsible saver but you have to control too much unnecessary spending if you want to be a master!

DIVIDE your earnings on the same day each week. Take some hard-earned cash and place it somewhere safe at home, like your piggy bank. This amount can be for those things you hope to get soon or for spend money. Save the remainder of your cash at the credit union for the future.

Open a Youth Savings Account today!