Credit Builder Loan

Succeed with your finances! If you have no credit or “less-than-perfect” credit, our Credit Builder Loan is just right for you! Credit builder loans are small loans, made by Monmouth Federal Credit Union, designed to help credit union members establish or boost a credit profile. Learn what your credit score should be.

What does our Credit Builder Loan do?

  • Build or rebuilds your credit rating with the credit bureaus
  • Helps you build savings while you borrow
  • Offers short terms to help build credit quickly
  • Gives you a low fixed rate for building credit

How does our Credit Builder Loan work?

  • the amount you borrow is deposited into a Monmouth FCU share savings account that you cannot touch until the loan is repaid.
  • You make regular payments on the loan.
  • As you repay on time, you establish a positive payment history that we report to the credit bureaus.*
  • Based on those reports, your credit history and credit score improves over time.
  • A higher credit score translates into better rates on future loans. It can also have a positive impact obtaining insurance and certain jobs that consider credit history.
  • When you finish repaying the loan, you’ll have the full balance in the Monmouth FCU Savings Account, including dividends, to use as you please – for a down payment, education, home improvements, anything.

Credit Builder Loan Features

Example loan payment schedule – A $1,000 Credit Builder Loan with an APR of 8.35% for 12 months has an approximate monthly payment of $87.16.

Apply for our Credit Builder Loan

Don’t wait any longer to start rebuilding your credit in 2016! Our Credit Builder Loan will help you get there!

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