Bill Pay

Reduce clutter, save time & money with Bill Pay!

bill pay

Bill Pay at Monmouth FCU is a FREE service for all members. Pay your bills without the cost of stamps and envelopes and in less time than writing checks every month!

Benefits of Bill Pay

  • Pay bills from multiple accounts.
  • Send single or recurring payments.
  • Initiate expedited payments.
  • Make person-to-person electronic payments.
  • Track check payments quickly and easily.
  • View scheduled payments by – Payee or all payees – Categories – Custom date range
  • View payment history a variety of ways – Filter by: category, payee, status, custom date range – Sort by: pay to, pay from, amount, process date, deliver by date – Export available for further filtering
  • Store payment history for 18 months.
  • Get helpful text alerts and payment reminders.
  • Send gift checks or donations.
  • Receive support via phone and live chat.
  • Screen reader compatibility supported

How to Sign Up for Bill Pay

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Choose Bill Pay from the main navigation.
  3. Read through and Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. View the Demo, if desired