Mobile Deposit Capture

With Mobile Deposit Capture, Monmouth FCU members can now quickly and easily deposit a check on the go. Using our mobile app from your mobile device you can deposit checks directly to your accounts.

Here’s how our Mobile Deposit Capture works:

Prepare the Check for Deposit:

To endorse a check for Mobile Deposit Capture, write ‘For Mobile Deposit Only to Account No._______’ it is being deposited to.

With the Monmouth FCU app open:

Step 1: Choose an account to Deposit into. The account in the drop down list are the valid accounts for Remote Deposit Capture.

Step 2: Enter the amount of the check

Step 3: Select “Tap here to take a picture of the front of check”. Then select “Tap here to take picture of back of check.”

Step 4: Review your deposit and tap the “Submit” button to deposit the check.

It’s that easy!

mobile deposit capture

monmouth mobile deposit capture


By using Mobile Deposit Capture, you agree to our Remote Deposit Capture Terms & Conditions.


NOTICE: Effective December 31, 2018, Monmouth FCU will permanently close its Greene branch located at 19A Patten Road. For more details, please refer to your statement insert or special mailing received in November 2018. It is our hope that you continue to appreciate the value that your Monmouth FCU membership provides you and your family. Please call 207-933-2667 with any questions or email